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Technical Management

Zen has got Indian Flagged DOC License for management of Oil / Chemical tankers in 2011 by DG Shipping . We have experience of now close to 9 years in technical management of Oil / Chemical Tankers which are used for transportation of both organic , Inorganic chemicals ,Petroleum products and Vegetable Oil . Our teams combined experience is more than 40 years , and we are well versed with management of tonnages of different ages .

We have wide experience of drydocking across geographies across time zones and dealing with different nationality and culture . Negotiations with the Drydocks and getting work done on the ship in a timely manner is our forte. We have and will continue to achieve our target of successful audits by third parties of both commercial and different nationality governmental expectations of Health , Quality , Safety and Environmental Standards across the globe.

Operational Management

Zen’s Operations team with their combined experience of more than 30 years of operations is well versed to handle operations of vessels as well as port calls of their entire fleet .

Our team has been successful to be on time for loading under contractual terms and have fulfilled their commitment of achieving delivery targets on time under favourable weather conditions and all going well to the best of their abilities , we have done and will continue to achieve our target.

Commercial Management and Chartering

Zen’s Management has experience of different markets of chemicals across different geographies across different time zones and different cultures with an experience of more than 10 years in this niche space of petroleum and petrochemical market . Anytime , Anywhere , Any Place !

Well versed in the field of Law , Zen’s Management knows the nuances of contract terms and is committed to achieve its target of contract fulfilment as it has done and will always continue to do so.


At Zen we strongly believe that training of the ship staff is one of the most critical factors in achieving safe economical and profitable operation of the vessel. The Ship staff will always be developing their skills and knowledge from their experiences and mandatory studies. With this philosophy in mind, we appreciate that staff development is continually happening in the work environment, either through formal courses, on the job training by colleagues and referring manuals and publications.

Cross Country Trading

Zen has pioneered the cross trade concept in India and today has emerged as a full fledged group dealing with cross trade enquiries and processing "round the world" cross trade shipments. To be able to offer its customers definite solutions, it has created a highly credible network of agents at various strategic locations across the globe.

Today it's overseas co-ordination department is responsible for this function and it takes a lot of initiative to co-ordinate shipments, supervise connecting movements, collecting goods etc.

Zen offers a geographically elaborate cross-trade. We provide cross-trading at competitive rates, flawless documentation, infallible transportation and spot-on delivery for shipments. At all times, we do our best to work in the best interest of our customers.

Our cross trading offerings cover a wide geographical region. We offer very innovative cross trading services to our customers.

  • Correct documentation.
  • Competitive freight.
  • Ensuring to protect the interest of customers.
  • Complete coordination between the origin, destination and cross trading point.