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Logistics exists from the very beginning of civilization and as the geographical distance between the production points and consumption points increased, the importance of logistics has become paramount in business.

Wars have been won and lost through logistics capability or lack of it. While the early days Generals understood the significance of logistics businesses seem to have learnt it fairly recently. It is the logistics capabilities which give edge to a business and for team ZEN, this science of planning, organizing and managing activities by sea through 'intelligent' means is 'raison d'etre'. At ZEN, every day is a learning process with new assignments coming up. The excitement peaks out when we receive new enquiries, new cargo to move, new path to tread and new targets to achieve. Team ZEN keeps re-gearing to achieve newer goals, the passion arising out of fire in the belly.

The focus at ZEN remains constant at continuous improvement and lateral thinking of providing simple yet cost effective solutions for complex logistical problems .We realize that we are pioneers in liquid logistics worldwide, and we strive to consolidate on this first move advantage as a niche liquid logistics solution provider in this country.

Without customers, ZEN cannot exist: ZEN is what it is today thanks to customers and shall be what customers shall want it to be. I am proud of my Team ZEN which is customer centric, skilled and professional to the core, having the right attitude and bubbling with energy to take up new logistical challenges while continually providing satisfaction to our customers in the existing tasks at hand. Through this message, I would like to assure my customers of the best possible logistics service and logistical solutions and while sincerely thanking my investors for the unstinted support and the exemplary trust they have placed in us. I pledge mine and my team's relentless efforts for continually building and expanding ZEN to meet my customers' needs in full and provide the best returns to my investors.

To my Team ZEN members, my continuous support shall be present, as always.

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